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Deposit Yield Report

Rate intelligence reports are useful tools that assist financial institutions in achieving growth targets, maintaining competiveness, minimizing interest expense and managing overall interest-rate risk.

Since 1995, BancAnalytics has been providing financial institutions throughout the United States with its MoneyMonitor report that provides important rate intelligence information.  We offer a standard deposit yield report for select metropolitan areas as well as custom deposit yield reports that allow institutions to choose the competitors they want to monitor on a regular basis.  Both of these reports enable our clients to quickly assess the competitive deposit market, determine who is changing rates and in what direction, and to see how their rates compare to other institutions in their area.

Click on the link above to view a sample standard MoneyMonitor report.  These reports are currently available for select metropolitan areas within the United States.

Click on the link above to view a sample custom MoneyMonitor report.  These reports are available to banks and credit unions throughout the United States.

Key Features


 > 12 deposit categories  > Indicates weekly changes  > Up to 10 recipients

 > Savings, Money Market & CDs   

 > Includes raw data  > Delivered weekly via e-mail
 > Includes "Specials" category  > Full-color graphs  > Microsoft Excel format
 > Peer group averages  > Your institution is highlighted    

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