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BancAnalytics Corporation is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri.  We have been providing financial institutions with information and reporting solutions since 1995.  We also offer consulting services focusing on financial issues including earnings improvement, liquidity, asset/liability management and interest-rate risk management.  Our staff has extensive senior executive level experience in a wide variety of financial institutions including credit unions, privately-owned banks and publicly-traded banks.

Our goal is to help financial institutions improve decision-making processes by improving their information gathering and reporting systems.  We know, first-hand, how critical it is to make decisions based on accurate and timely information.  It is also important when dealing with a large amount of data, to have the information presented in a logical and meaningful way.  We also assist financial institutions with becoming more fiscally efficient; maximizing the use of capital and liquid resources in order to improve earnings and the return to stakeholders.

    Market Data, Reporting Tools & Consulting Services for Financial Institutions

    BancAnalytics Corporation
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